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I was driving and listening to the radio today on my way to Toad Hollow when the “OOGA CHAKA” song came on.  The official name of the song is Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Suede.  Never before had I picked up the usage of the word “wine” in the lyrics. 

“Lips are sweet as candy
Its taste stays on my mind
Girl you got me thirsty
For another cup of wine”

A one-hit-wonder, no doubt, and just another edition of a goofy honey dipped love ditty – but the use of the word “wine” is important in expressing the yearning and intensity of the sentiment. I realized then, that song writers would be at a loss to express a myriad of emotion without wine.   

 Whether the word “wine” is used to convey a love turned sour like Bon Jovi’s Bitter Wine:

“Once you were my inspiration, but, that river’s run dry
What was once holy water, tastes like bitter wine.”

or a suggestion of unbridled good times like the lyrics in, We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off  by Jermaine Stewart:

"We can dance and party all night, and drink some cherry wine,"

and Peter Frampton’s famous lyrics from Do You Feel Like I Do: 
"Woke up this morning with a wine glass in my hand, 
whose wine? what wine? where the hell did I dine!"

Wine obviously has been the song writer’s muse when penning the music that has become part of our lives.  (By the way, has anyone ever actually tasted cherry or strawberry wine so often referenced in Rock & Roll music? I’d be writing about headaches!)

By the same token, the use of the word, “wine” is a convenient rhyming stand-in for “time” and “mine,” mainstay words for a typically formulaic love song.

“Black fingernails, red wine,
I wanna’ make you all mine”

writes Eskimo Joe in his song of the same name, or from Elton John’s Elderberry Wine,

“Drunk all the time
Feeling fine on elderberry wine…” 

Radio and YouTube wine shows predictably use wine themed music. UB40’s Red, Red, Wine and Eric Burdon and War’s Spill The Wine are ubiquitous as is Mickey Gilley’s Honky-Tonk Wine.  Please guys, with so many choices may I suggest an original bluesy piece like Johnny Lang’s Cherry Red Wine.

What would lyricists do without wine?  Toad Hollow invites you to take up a glass of our “Red, Red” Russian River Valley Pinot Noir or Lodi Cabernet and ponder the question.  Feel free to share other lyrics I may have missed on Toad Hollow Vineyards Facebook page, @toad.hollow.vineyards.  Better yet, post original lyrics you may have penned having been so inspired by a glass of Toad Hollow!  


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