Frankie Williams

President, Owner Toad Hollow Vineyards

Frankie Williams grew up in New London, Connecticut and after a brief stint with the CIA, she arrived in San Francisco in 1972, where she met her future husband, Todd Williams. In 1994 Todd founded Toad Hollow Vineyards in Sonoma County. His mission was to produce delicious and accessible wines and have fun while doing it. In 2007, after Todd’s passing, Frankie assumed all executive and operational responsibilities for Toad Hollow Vineyards including a tasting room in downtown Healdsburg, California.




Erik Thorson

General Manager and Chief Financial Officer

Erik Thorson joined Toad Hollow in 1997 from a career in the financial services industry. Under the tutelage of Todd Williams and Rodney Strong, Toad Hollow’s founders, he expanded his knowledge of wine and became a partner in the winery in 2000. Today he helps run the winery with Frankie Williams. Erik and his wife Laura have been married for 30 years and they are the parents of two sons, Karl and Peter.

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